Naming Objects

Naming Objects

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Name an Object in Maya



Naming objects helps organization your projects. For instance, if you have a scene with a hundred objects, it would be much easier to find a specific object in the Outliner if it had a meaningful name.

There are multiple ways to name objects in Maya. In this example we will name our object in the Channel Box , then the Outliner.


Step One

Add a polygon torus to the workspace by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Torus.

Step Two

Select the torus and open the Channel Box. Double-click the default name and rename it tire.

Step Three

A second way to name your object is with the Outliner. Choose Window > Outliner.

Step Four

Double-click the tire object in the Outliner and rename it frontTire.

Naming Conventions

In Step Four we named our object using the camelCase convention. With camelCase, there are no spaces between words. Whenever you start a new word, it is capitalized.

It is smart to use camelCase naming. Naming conventions are vital if you plan on doing any scripting. If you attempt to name an object with spaces, Maya includes an underscore between words automatically. Also avoid symbols in your object names.

Hypergraph Naming

You can also name your objects in the Hypergraph by right-clicking the node and choosing Rename from the menu.


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