Removing Keyframes

Removing Keyframes

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Remove a Keyframe in Maya



Once you have added a keyframe you may want to remove it. The keyframe may appear on the Timeline as a red tick or be connected to an object parameter (i.e., shader color).


Step One

Add a cylinder to the stage by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Cylinder.

Step Two

Right-click the cylinder and choose Assign New Material, Blinn.

Step Three

With the object selected, click frame one of the Timeline and open the Blinn material panel in the Attribute Editor.

Step Four

Right-click the word Color and choose Set Key.

Step Five

Notice that a key has been added, yet no red tick mark was added to the Timeline. Press the s key to add a keyframe for Translate, Rotate, Scale and Visibility.

Step Six

Click frame 24 of the Timeline, move the object 10 units in the x direction and press the s key to set another keyframe.

Step Seven

Click the color rectangle in the Blinn shader panel to change the object color.

Step Eight

Right-click the word Color and choose Set Key to add a key for the color.

Step Nine

Click the Controller Play button to view your animation. The object should move and change color.

Step Ten

To remove the color key, right click the word Color and choose Break Connection.

Step Eleven

To remove the keyframe on the Timeline, left-click frame 24, then right-click the tick mark at frame 24 and choose Delete.

Other Ways to Delete Keyframes

You can also delete keyframe in the Graph Editor or by selecting the keyframe and pressing the Delete key. Another way to remove a keyframe is to select the object and open the Hypergraph: Connections. Click an animation node, then press the Delete key.


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