Resetting Preferences

Resetting Preferences

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Reset Maya's Preferences



There will be times when you need to reset Maya's preferences. If the program is not acting as expected, the first thing to try is to quit Maya, then re-launch the program. A second option is to restart your computer.

If either of these methods don't work, then try plan C, which is to reset Maya's preferences.


Step One

To reset the preferences, open the preferences by choosing Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences.

Step Two

Choose Edit > Restore Default Settings to reset the preferences.

Step Three

If you wish to restore the user interface elements, choose Display > UI Elements > Restore UI Elements.

Step Four

To physically remove the current preference files, the process is a bit more complicated. Quit Maya and find the preferences folder. On a Mac it is in the user library > Preferences > Autodesk > maya folder. For PC users it is in the User > Documents folder > maya folder. Try deleting the userPrefs.mel file and restart the program.

Still Doesn't Work?

You can always try deleting other preference files in the maya folder. Keep in mind that Maya writes the new preference file whenever you quit the program. For that reason, always quit the program before removing any preference files. That way when the program is launched and it can't find the file, it will write a new clean one.

It is a good idea to place your old preference files in a folder on the desktop as you work through the process so you can always go back a step if something goes terribly wrong.

If you are having trouble finding the preferences, try doing a search on your computer for userPrefs.mel.

Where's My Mac Library?

In the early days the Mac Library was visible and out there for everyone to see. With your operating system it may be hidden. To open the hidden Library, hold the Option key and click the Go menu in the Finder. Choose Library from the pull-down menu and you are taken to the Library folder.