Revolve Object

Revolve Object

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Create a Revolve Object in Maya



A revolve object is created by first drawing a curve in the front view. The curve is then rotated around one of the axis to form a Nurbs or Polygon object. Examples of revolve objects include wine glasses, car tires, bottles, soup cans and kitchen pans.


Step One

In the front view draw a curve (Create>CV Curve Tool) to form the cross-section profile for your new object. The profile should start and end at the Y axis.

Step Two

Select the curve and choose Surfaces > Revolve and include the options.

Step Three

In the options set the Axis Preset to Y, increase the segments to 16 and choose Nurbs for the Output Geometry. Click Revolve to accept the settings.

Sweep Angles and Editing

The Start Sweep angle and End Sweep angle in the options allow you to create objects that don't revolve the full 360 degrees. Sweep angles can be animated. See topic, Setting Keyframes (Object Parameters). If you keep the object's construction history, you can always select the initial curve and reshape it to change the shape of your revolved object.

Resetting Revolve Settings

Whenever you create a revolve object, a new object is created based on the last time the tool was used. To reset the revolve tool to the default values, open it's options and choose Edit > Reset Settings.


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