Saving Camera Views

Saving Camera Views

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Save a Camera View in Maya with Bookmarks



Once you position your camera in the perfect position, it would be great if you could save the view. Fortunately, you can with the Bookmarks feature.


Each camera has it's own unique Bookmark Editor.


Step One

Add a polygon pyramid to the scene by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Pyramid.

Step Two

Click the perspective view and press the f key to frame your object.

Step Three

From the perspective panel menu choose View > Bookmarks > Edit Bookmarks.

Step Four

Click the New Bookmark button to save your view.

Step Five

You can rename your Bookmark in the Edit Bookmark panel by entering a name and pressing the Enter key.

Step Six

In the perspective view, dolly your camera back and click the New Bookmark button to save another view. Name your new view.

Step Seven

To select a Bookmark, return to the perspective panel menu and choose View > Bookmarks > Select Your View.

Delete a Bookmark

In the Bookmark Edit panel you can delete a Bookmark by clicking the Delete button.

Using the Save Bookmark Icon

At the top of each view panel you will find an Bookmarks button. It is the third button from the left. By clicking the icon, a Bookmark is saved.


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