Scaling Keyframes

Scaling Keyframes

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Scale Keyframes in Maya



There will be times when your animation plays too slow or runs too fast. By scaling the distance between keyframes you can control the animation speed.


Step One

Add a polygon cone to the workspace by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Cone.

Step Two

Click frame one of the Timeline, select the cone and press the s key to add a keyframe.

Step Three

Click frame 24 of the Timeline, move the cone 10 units in the x direction and press the s key to set a keyframe.

Step Four

Click the Controller Play button to view your animation.

Step Five

Select the cone and open the Graph Editor by choosing Window > Animation Editors > Graph Editor.

Step Six

Click Translate X in the left panel to view the Translate X graph. If you can't see your graph, click the graph, then press the f key.

Step Seven

Zoom out on the graph to show frames 1 to 48 by pressing and holding the Option key (PC - Alt key) while right-mouse dragging sideways. You can also zoom out by turning the middle-mouse wheel.

Step Eight

Click the Select tool (q key), then marquee select your graph.

Step Nine

Click the Region tool in the Graph Editor tool bar. Drag the right white box to scale the contents to frame 48. Press the q key to exit the Region tool, then close the Graph Editor.

Step Ten

Increase the end time of the playback range to frame 48 by clicking and dragging the box in the horizontal bar below the Timeline.

Step Eleven

Click the Controller Play button to view your new slower animation.

Zooming In and Out

You can also spin the middle mouse button wheel to zoom in or out in your view windows and Graph Editor.

Using the Key Scale Tool

Another option for scaling keys is to select the desired keys and choose Edit > Transformation Tools > Scale Keys Tool. In the tool options, choose Manipulator. Drag the keys bounding box to scale your keys in the Graph Editor.


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