Setting a Project

Setting a Project

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Set a Project in Maya



This feature is handy if you have an existing project on your computer. By setting the project, you are telling the program to use an existing project and all of its sub folders. For more information on projects, see the Starting a Project topic.


Step One

Launch Maya and choose File > Set Project.

Step Two

Navigate to an existing project folder. This is the folder that contains all the project sub folders. Click the Set button to set the project.

Step Three

Now when you choose File > Open Scene, Maya will look in the selected project's scenes folder. All of the project's assets can easily found in the appropriate folders.

Five Reasons to Use Projects

Projects are the best way organize your Maya documents and are always recommended because:

1 - Maya knows where to place your rendered movie files.

2 - Your textures now have relative links.

3 - You can easily find your textures and Illustrator files for editing.

4 - Backing up is easy because everything is in one folder.

5 - Collaborating with others is simple because everything is organized.

Making Sure the Project is Set

To verify that the project is set, open the Render Settings. At the top of the panel, Common tab, you can tell that the project is set by noting the path to the project's images folder.

You can also tell if the project is set by choosing, File > Project Window. The Current Project is listed at the top of the panel. career skills