Snapping to a Point

Snapping to a Point

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Snap to a Point in Maya



As you move points or draw with the CV Curve Tool, it is helpful to snap to existing object points.To activate, select the Snap to Points icon or press the v key.


Step One

Add a polygon cylinder to the workspace (Create > Polygon Primitives > Cylinder). In the tool options set the Axis Divisions to 8.

Step Two

Activate the Snap to Points tool. Select the CV Curve Tool (Create > CV Curve Tool). In the tool options set the Curve Degree to 1 Linear.

Step Three

In the perspective view, click all eight of the top vertices in a counter-clockwise direction and press Enter.

Step Four

Delete the original cylinder object (Delete key) and select the new curve object. Close the curve by selecting Edit Curves > Open/Close Curves.

Step Five

In the top view, draw a straight line with two points (Create > CV Curve Tool). Select both the hexagon shape and the straight line. Click the Components Mode icon and activate the Points Select icon.

Step Six

Middle Mouse Button, click the perspective view and select the Move Tool. Click and drag the end point of the straight line to one of the points of the hexagon shape. The line point snaps to the hexagon.

Changing Views Without Deselecting

If you wish to select a window and not deselect any objects, Middle Mouse Button click the window as in Step Six. You can also Left Mouse Button click while pressing the Cmd (PC-Alt) key.


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