Starting a Project

Starting a Project

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Start a Maya Project



Maya projects contain multiple directories (folders) and provide a simple way to keep all your project assets organized. For instance, in a project there are multiple folders; one for the project scenes, another for your textures and yet another for your line art from Illustrator.


Step One

Launch Maya and choose File > Project Window. Click the New button in the Project Window panel.

Step Two

Give your project a name (no spaces) and click the folder icon to set a location for the project. Click the Select button to accept the location.

Step Three

Click the Accept button at the bottom of the dialog box.

Step Four

Click File > Set Project to navigate to your new project folder.

Step Five

Click Set to connect to your new project.

Step Six

Save your scene in the scenes folder by choosing File > Save Scene. The scene should be saved in your project's scenes folder.

Common Project Folders

Whenever you create a project in Maya several folders are created. Each folder is used by the program to store various files. The following is a list of the more common folders and their contents.

data - Illustrator Files

images - Rendered Images and Movies

scenes - Project Scenes

sourceimages - Textures

Five Reasons to Use Projects

Projects are the best way organize your Maya documents and are always recommended because:

1 - Maya knows where to place your rendered movie files.

2 - Your textures now have relative links.

3 - You can easily find your textures and Illustrator files for editing.

4 - Backing up is easy because everything is in one folder.

5 - Collaborating with others is simple because everything is organized.