Text Object

Text Object

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Create a Text Object in Maya



A text object is created by using the Create Text menu item. With this menu item you can specify the extrusion (thickness) and bevel for the text object. You can also enter your text and choose a font.


Step One

Choose Create > Text (select the box to view options).

Step Two

In the options box enter text character(s) and select the font.

Step Three

Choose the Type. Curve creates a Nurbs curve, Trim and Poly are used to make 2D letters and Bevel creates text with depth and bevels (if desired).

Step Four

After selecting Bevel, choose bevel front, back or both. Bevel width, depth and extrude distance can be adjusted. Also select the bevel style from the menu.

Step Five

To accept the settings and exit the tool click Create. If you have more text objects to build, click Apply and the options box stays open.

Text in Illustrator

Another option when working with text is to create your text in Illustrator, then import the text into Maya. For more information, see topic, Illustrator Object. If you are working with a series of complex shapes, it works best to import the model in sections.

Smoothing the Text

To create smoother text and add more geometry, select the text and open the Attribute Editor. Click the bevelPlus tab and open the Polygon Output Options section. Geometry is added as you increase the Sampling or Count values.

Breaking Text into Individual Letters

To break a text object into a separate object for each letter, select the text and choose Mesh > Separate from the Polygons menu set. Once the letters are separated, you can animate the letters one at a time.


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