Top Ten Topics

Top Ten Topics

Maya 2012 Tutorial


Getting Started with the Top Ten Maya Topics



The Top Ten Topics for Maya new comers are as follows.


Step One

Maya supports six types of modeling; Nurbs, Polygons, Subdiv Surfaces, Illustrator Objects, Text Objects and Smooth Mesh.

Step Two

It is best to use four sided polygons as you create your Polygon and Subdiv objects.

Step Three

Use to the Create menu to add primitive shapes, lights, cameras, curves, text objects and Illustrator objects

Step Four

An object's location, rotation, scale and visibility values can be entered in the Channel Box.

Step Five

Objects are constructed using a series of input nodes. To view the nodes that are connected to an object, open the Attribute Editor or Hypergraph. Both are Window menu options.

Step Six

To render an image, click a view panel and click the Render Current Frame icon

Step Seven

Maya has six menu sets. They are Animation, Polygons, Surfaces, Dynamics, Rendering and nDynamics.

Step Eight

Select the box to the right of a menu item to view it's options.

Step Nine

To set a keyframe for a simple animation, click the Timeline to specify a frame, select your object and move it to a new location, then press the s key.

Step Ten

As you create your objects, they are often built with massive Construction History. To view an object's Construction History, select the object and open the Channel Box. To remove an object's Construction History before rendering, select the object and choose Edit > Delete by Type > History. This simplifies the render process.

Why Only Ten?

This topic could have easily been called Top 100 Topics. Because of Maya's depth and power you will quickly find that the more little tricks you learn, the quicker your animations will come to life.


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