Turntable Animation

Turntable Animation

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Create a Turntable AnimationĀ in Maya



This Maya feature provides a quick way to create a turntable animation. You may have a product that you want to spin 360 degrees to show all sides of the product. This is similar to the way automobiles have been displayed at car shows over the years.


Step One

Add a polygon cube to the workspace by choosing Create > Polygon Primitives > Cube.

Step Two

Select the cube in the perspective view and choose Animate > Turntable from the Animation menu set. Be sure to include the options.

Step Three

In the options box, set the Number of Frames and rotation direction. Click the Turntable button.

Step Four

Click the Controller Play button to view your animation. The new camera rotates 360 degrees around your object.

Turntable is Camera Dependent

Instead of using the default camera, you can add a custom camera to your scene. In the perspective view, choose your new camera by selecting View > Perspective + Your New Camera Name.

Camera Options

To make adjustments to your camera, select the turntable camera in the Outliner and open the Attribute Editor or Channel Box.