View Panels

View Panels

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Use View Panels in Maya



Whenever you open a scene in Maya, there are four views present; Top, Front, Side and Perspective. It is easy to toggle between a four view and a single view configuration. It is also possible to change your Maya settings so one or four views appear when you open a new scene.

To navigate within your view panels, see topic, Move, Dolly and Rotate Camera.


Step One

If you open new document with default preferences, you will see a single perspective view window.

Step Two

To see a four view (Top, Front, Side and Perspective) layout, choose Panels > Layouts > Four Panes.

Step Three

You can set the default to Four Panes by choosing Window > Settings Preferences > Preferences.

Step Four

In the Interface > UI Elements category, set the Panel Configuration to Four View and click Save.

Step Five

At the bottom of each panel is a label that shows the camera/view name.

Step Six

A panel can be changed to a different camera by choosing Panels > Perspective or Orthographic, then choosing a camera.

Step Seven

By clicking the panel View Cube you can quickly rotate the view.

Step Eight

To reset the view, click the View Cube's Home button.

View Cube Missing?

The View Cube is enabled and disabled in the program preferences. Choose Window > Settings/Preferences > Interface > View Cube category and click the Show the ViewCube checkbox.

Orthographic and Perspective

The Orthographic panels (Top, Side and Front) show a version of your model without any vanishing points. They are great for lining things up and aligning your objects. Perspective views are used for rendering your final image. For more information, see topic Orthographic vs Perspective Camera.


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