Volumetric Fog

Volumetric Fog

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Add Volumetric Fog in Maya



One way to create fog is to use a Volume Primitive. As you add the primitive, it is automatically connected to a Fog node. Once connected, you can use the Fog node to fine tune the effect.


Step One

Add a sphere volume object to the workspace by choosing Create > Volume Primitives > Sphere.

Step Two

In the Attribute Editor, fog tab, click the Color rectangle to change the fog color.

Step Three

To select a gradient color, open the Ramp section and enable the Color Ramp Input.

Step Four

Click the IPR icon, then marquee drag in the preview window to view your adjustments in real time.

Step Five

Adjust the gradient values and note the changes in your render window.

Step Six

Density and Edge Dropoff can be set in the fog tab.

Step Seven

As objects pass through the fog, they are affected by their depth inside the sphere.

More Volume Shapes

In addition to spheres, you can also add cubes and cones from the Volume Primitives menu. The shapes can also be scaled and reshaped to meet your needs.