Volumetric Smoke

Volumetric Smoke

Maya 2012 Tutorial


How to Add Volumetric Smoke in Maya



One way to create smoke is to use a Volume Primitive. As you add the primitive, it is automatically connected to a Fog node. By adding a texture to the Transparency node, you can quickly create a smoke effect.


Step One

Add a Cube volume object to the workspace by choosing Create > Volume Primitives > Cube.

Step Two

In the Attribute Editor, fog tab, click the Color rectangle to change the fog color.

Step Three

Click the checkerbox next to the Transparency slider to open the Create Render Node panel.

Step Four

In the Create Render Node panel, 3D Textures section, click Cloud.

Step Five

Click the IPR icon, then marquee drag in the preview window to view your adjustments in real time.

Step Six

In the Attribute Editor, cloud tab, adjust the Contrast, Amplitude and other settings to fine tune your smoke.

Step Seven

Add an object to your scene and scale the smoke cube. Click the Render Current Frame icon to see the effect.

More Options

Try using Brownian or Solid Fractal instead of Cloud to create your smoke. The place3DTexture object can also be scaled and distorted.