Adding a Basic Light

Adding a Basic Light

Maya 8.0 Tutorial


How to Add a Light in Maya



By default, Maya includes a light in every new scene. As soon as you add a light, the default light turns off and your new light provides the scene's illumination.

You can add several lights to a scene and the shadows can be enabled for specific lights.


Step One

Choose Create > Lights > Spot Light (include options). This is the simplest type of light Maya offers. A spot light illuminates in only one direction.

Step Two

In the options box, choose the light color by clicking the color rectangle Specify whether or not you want shadows by selecting the Cast Shadows checkbox.

Step Three

Click the Create button and a light is added to your scene.

Step Four

Select the light and press the t key. A manipulator appears. Using the Move tool, move the light and manipulator individually to set the light's location and look-at point.

Step Five

The lights settings can be adjusted by selecting the light and opening the Attribute Editor.

Light Adjustments

To soften the light's edge, adjust the Dropoff and Penumbra Angle sliders. Decay Rate controls the light fall-off rate. With decay activated, objects further from the light source receive less illumination.


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