Adding Smoke to Light

Adding Smoke to Light

Maya 8.0 Tutorial


How to Add Smoke to Light in Maya



By creating fog and adding noise to the light you can create a smoke effect. You also have the option to add shadows to the smoke.


Step One

Open a scene with multiple objects.

Step Two

Add a Spot Light to the scene (Create > Lights > Spot Light). Position the light above the scene.

Step Three

With the light selected, open the Attribute Editor and soften the lights edges by adjusting the Dropoff and Penumbra settings. Adjust the Cone Angle if necessary.

Step Four

Scroll down the light options and open the Light Effects tab. Click the checker-board next to the Light Fog box.

Step Five

Click the Color rectangle to change the fog color.

Step Six

Click the checker-board next to the Density slider. In the Create Render Node panel, select the Cloud texture in the 3D Textures section.

Step Seven

Return to the light's main Attribute Editor panel and adjust the Intensity slider. You may also need to scale the light to extend the effect.

Adding Shadows

You can also enable shadows for the light to enhance the effect.