Bevel Plus Object

Bevel Plus Object

Maya 8.0 Tutorial


How to Creates a Bevel Plus Object in Maya



Using the Create Curve tools, you can draw an infinite number of shapes. The Bevel Plus menu item takes the curve object and adds depth and bevels (if desired). In addition to using the Maya curve tools, you can also import line art from Illustrator, then extrude it with using the Bevel Plus option.

For more information on Curve Objects, see topics Create CV Curve and Create EP Curve.


Step One

Select your curve object in the workspace.

Step Two

From the Surfaces menu set, choose Surfaces > Bevel Plus. Make sure to select the options.

Step Three

Select the Output Options tab and choose Polygons or Nurbs.

Step Four

Click the Bevel tab and set the bevel width, bevel depth and extrude distance. Uncheck the At Start and At End boxes to disable bevels.

Step Five

The Bevel Style pull-down menu offers several bevel profile options.

Step Six

Click Accept to create your object. In this example with two curves, we applied Bevel Plus to one curve at a time.

Avoid Shapes that Cross Back on Themselves

Bevel Plus objects work great with most shapes. Shapes where the initial curve crosses back across itself can cause some very strange geometry.


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