Boundary Object

Boundary Object

Maya 8.0 Tutorial


How to Create a Boundary Object in Maya



Boundary objects are defined by a series of CV or EP curves. In this example, we'll add four curves to the workspace.

The curves define the shape and contour of the newly created Nurbs object.


Step One

Select the CV Curve tool (Create > CV Curve Tool) and activate the Snap to Grids feature. In the side view, draw a curved line that snaps to the y-axis on the top and bottom. This is line A.

Step Two

In the top view, draw a line to define the object's profile as seen from the top. The end points should snap to the x axis. This is line B.

Step Three

Move line A so the bottom end point lines up with one of line B's end points.

Step Four

Select line A, then duplicate it (Edit > Duplicate). Move the duplicate to the other end of line B.

Step Five

Select line B and duplicate (Edit > Duplicate). Move the duplicate to the other end of line A.

Step Six

Select all four lines and choose Surfaces > Boundary.

Step Seven

In the Boundary options, leave Common End Points to Optional. By selecting Required, all end points must line up. Output Geometry should be set to Nurbs.

Changing the Patch Density

If you are planning to attach this surface to another Nurbs object and need to alter the patch density to match the other object, choose Edit Nurbs > Rebuild Surfaces.