Connecting Curves

Connecting Curves

Maya 8.0 Tutorial


How to Connect Curves in Maya



CV and EP curves can easily be joined to form one object. For more information on creating curves see topics Create CV Curve and Create EP Curve.


Step One

Choose Create > CV Curve Tool and draw two curves in the top view. The curves should flow in the same direction and have a slight gap between curves.

Step Two

Select the first curve, then shift select the second curve.

Step Three

From the Surface menu set, choose Edit Curves > Attach Curves and select the menu options.

Step Four

In the options, you can choose to either blend the two shapes or connect the curves.

To maintain the existing curve shapes, select Connect. If you have no further use for the original shapes, deselect the Keep Originals box.

Curve Starting Point and Direction

As you draw your curve, you'll notice a square to indicate the first point of the curve. As you add more points, the line flows from the starting point to the additional vertices. The direction is indicated by the U.

Whenever you attach two curves, they are connected from the end of the first selected curve to the start of the second curve you selected.


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