Create CV Curve

Create CV Curve

Maya 8.0 Tutorial


How to Create a CV Curve in Maya



CV curves are the building blocks for Nurbs objects and surfaces. A curve is essentially a line and does not appear in your rendered image.

By starting with a curve, you can build skins, revolved surfaces and lofted objects. CV is short for Control Vertices.


Step One

Choose Create > CV Curve Tool and select the options.

Step Two

In the options, select 1 Linear or 3 Cubic. Linear is used for straight lines and Cubic creates rounded shapes.

For this example we selected Cubic.

Step Three

Click multiple times to define your shape. For closed shapes, leave a gap between your first and last points. Press Enter to accept the curve.

Step Four

To close the curve, select the curve and choose Edit Curves > Open/Close Curves.

Similar to Illustrator Lines

Curves in Maya are quite similar to the lines you create in Illustrator with the pen tool. Unfortunately, in Maya there is no fill automatically added to the object.