Distributing Objects

Distributing Objects

Maya 8.0 Tutorial


How to Distribute Objects in Maya



Often times you will have multiple objects that need to be distributed evenly in your scene. The Snap Align Objects menu item contains an option to distribute objects.

For object alignment, see topic Aligning Objects.


Step One

Add three polygon spheres to the workspace (Create > Polygon Primitives > Sphere). Move the objects to random, non aligned locations.

Step Two

Select all three spheres by shift or marquee selecting.

Step Three

Choose Modify > Snap Align Objects > Align Objects and include the options.

Step Four

Click the Distribute icon and choose one or multiple axes to perform the operation.

Step Five

Click the Align or Apply button to accept the settings.

Stacking Objects

Another handy feature in the Align Objects panel is Stack. To use this feature, select multiple objects, choose Stack and set the axis. When you press Apply, the objects move to form a perfect stack.