Fractal Texture

Fractal Texture

Maya 8.0 Tutorial


How to Add a Fractal Texture in Maya



Fractal Textures are defined mathematically and called procedural textures. They can be customized by moving a few simple sliders.

You can zoom in on a fractal pattern and it continues to hold together with your camera up-close. Bulge, Bump, Checker, Cloth, Fractal, Grid, Mountain, Noise and Water are all procedural textures.


Step One

Open a scene with an object. Right-click the object and choose Assign New Material > Lambert.

Step Two

The new Lambert shader panel opens in the Attribute Editor. Select a new color by clicking the Color rectangle. For this example we will connect the Fractal to the Diffuse channel.

Fractals can be used with any of the texture channels. Click the checker-box next to the Diffuse slider.

Step Three

In the Create Render Node - 2D section, choose Normal and click the Fractal icon.

Step Four

Adjust the Amplitude and Threshold sliders and note the changes in the texture sample.

Step Five

Render the image by clicking the Render Current Frame icon to see the effect.

Step Six

To tighten the texture, click the right arrow to reach the place2dTexture tab. Increase the RepeatUV value.

Animated Fractal Bumps

Fractals work well as bump maps. You can also animate your fractals by selecting Animated in the fractal options and adding keys to the Time setting.


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