Grid Texture

Grid Texture

Maya 8.0 Tutorial


How to Create a Grid Texture in Maya



The Grid texture can be added to any of the surface material's channels. It can be used as a grayscale or color pattern.


Step One

We will build a wall with windows for an office building. Open a scene with a polygon plane primitive. Right-click the object and choose Assign New Material > Lambert.

Step Two

The new Lambert shader panel opens in the Attribute Editor. Click the checker-box next to the Color slider.

Step Three

In the Create Render Node - 2D section, choose Normal and click the Grid icon.

Step Four

In the Grid options set the the Filler Color to medium gray (windows). Change the U Width to 0.200 and the V Width to 0.400.

Step Five

Click the Presets button and select Save Grid Preset. Name the grid in the dialog box.

Step Six

Returning to the main shader dialog box, click the checker-box for Bump Mapping.

Step Seven

Choose Normal and click the Grid icon in the Create Render Node palette. In the Attribute Editor, click the right arrow next to Bump Value in the bump2d tab.

Step Eight

In the Grid tab, click the Preset button and replace the grid with the one you saved. Render your image. You now have a window panel with a very low poly count.

More Grid Options

The grid texture can be used in other ways besides adding Color and Bump. You can also apply it to the Transparency channel to create holes in your object or Diffuse to make dark or light squares.


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