Maya 8.0 Tutorial


How to Use Maya Outliner



As your models become more complex, you will need a system that keeps everything organized. The Outliner allows you to rename, parent and select objects. The Outliner is often called the Library in other programs.


Step One

Open a new scene (File > New Scene) and add two cubes and two cylinders to the workspace (Create > Polygon Primitives + Cube and/or Cylinder)

Step Two

Using the Move tool, arrange the primitives in the workspace so you can see all four objects.

Step Three

Open the Outliner to see the contents of the scene (Window > Outliner). There should be four cameras, two cylinders, two cubes, a default light set and a default object set.

Step Four

Click the first cylinder, then Cmd (PC-Alt) click the second cylinder name in the Outliner. Both cylinders should be selected. Choose Edit > Group. The two objects can be easily selected by clicking the group folder.

Step Five

Double-click one of the cube names, then rename the cube and press the Enter key. Repeat for the second cube.

Step Six

Middle-mouse drag cube one to cube two. The first cube is now a child of the second cube.

Naming Objects

Avoid using spaces, or symbols other than letters or numbers when naming objects. One convention is to start with small letters and add a capital letter when starting a new word (i.e., new word would be newWord). This convention is called camel case.

Animating Groups and Parents

One advantage to creating Groups and Parent-Child relationships is that you can animate the Group or Parent and the members or children are animated as well.