Setting Keyframes (Object Parameters)

Setting Keyframes (Object Parameters)

Maya 8.0 Tutorial


How to Set Object Parameter Keyframes in Maya



Most object parameters in Maya can be animated. Keyframing object parameters (other than move, rotate, scale or visibility) is quite common in Maya. These parameters include shader elements such as color, transparency and bump. You can also set keys for noise, fractal and grid shaders.


Step One

Add a sphere to the workspace (Create > Polygon Primitives > Sphere).

Step Two

Right-click the sphere and assign a Blinn Texture (Assign New Material > Blinn). The Attribute Editor opens for your new texture.

Step Three

Middle-Mouse click the perspective view. This selects the view without de-selecting the object. Press the 5 key to view the object in shaded view.

Step Four

With the timeline set at frame one, Right-Mouse click the word Color in the Attribute Editor and select Set Key from the pull down menu. This sets a key for the color channel at frame one.

Step Five

Move the timeline to frame 24. Click the Color Rectangle and change the shader color. Click Accept to change the object color.

Step Six

Right-Mouse click the word Color and select Set Key from the menu to set a keyframe for the color change at frame 24. Play the animation to view the color change.

No Ticks on the Timeline

This method can also be used to keyframe many shader parameters. Notice that keys set in this manner do not appear as red lines in the timeline.