Smoothing Illustrator Objects

Smoothing Illustrator Objects

Maya 8.0 Tutorial


How to Smooth Illustrator Objects in Maya



You may find that some Illustrator objects appear faceted once converted to 3D in Maya. Follow these steps to create more rounded objects.

For more information on creating and exporting Illustrator objects, see topic, Illustrator Object.


Step One

Create an object with a curved shape in Illustrator. In this example we created a text object and converted it to outlines (Text > Create Outlines).

Step Two

Add more points to object by selecting the object and choosing Object > Path > Add Anchor Points. Notice the additional points on the object.

You can repeat this step multiple times to add more points.

Step Three

Return to Maya and select Create > Adobe(R) Illustrator(R) Object. The object should appear as smooth and non-faceted.

Illustrator Versions Vary

The instructions in this topic work with Illustrator CS1. The menus may be different for other versions.


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