Camera RAW Basics

Camera RAW Basics

Photoshop CS3 Tutorial


How to Open a Camera RAW Image in Photoshop



Camera RAW has become the industry standard for still images. The original RAW file can be compared to the film negative in the past.

The RAW file is opened in Photoshop, adjusted to enhance the image and then saved as a PSD document.


Step One

In Photoshop choose File > Open.... Navigate to your RAW image(s) to open the file(s).

Step Two

To select multiple files, Cmd (PC-Ctrl) click multiple images, then click Open.

Step Three

The images appear on the left side of the panel. Click on the thumbnails to select an image. Cmd (PC-Ctrl) click to select multiple images.

Step Four

To select all the images, click the Select All button.

Step Five

With all the images selected you can adjust the Exposure and Temperature sliders and make adjustments to all the selected images at once.

Step Six

Your image(s) can be adjusted with the multiple adjustment tabs.

Step Seven

Once you are content with your settings, either click Done to have Photoshop write a "sidecar" file next to the original RAW file or click Open to open it in Photoshop.

Editing Multiple Images

By selecting multiple images you can apply any of the adjustments to several images at a time. To set the image size, resolution, bit depth and color space, click the underlined link at the bottom of the window.


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