Lens Correcting an Image

Lens Correcting an Image

Photoshop CS3 Tutorial


How to Use the Lens Correction Feature in Photoshop



Using wider angle lenses can introduce image distortion. One effective way to correct the problem is the Lens Correction Filter.


Step One

Open an image with lens distortion issues in Photoshop (File > Open...).

Step Two

With the image layer selected, choose Filter > Distort > Len Correction. Your image appears with a grid overlay.

Step Three

If your image is slightly rotated, correct by changing the Angle setting. Plus is counter-clockwise and Minus is clockwise.

Step Four

The other sliders in the Transform section change the Vertical and Horizontal Perspective.

Step Five

The Remove Distortion slider at the top is helpful to remove a concave or convex pillow effect in the image.

Step Six

With the Vignette section you can draw the viewer to the center of the image by adjusting the slider to Darken. This technique is common in portraits.

Step Seven

Click OK to accept your settings. Use the Crop tool to trim the image.

Great for Architectural Images

When working with building images it is common to make the structure's vertical lines vertical in your image. This filter is the perfect solution to clean up any skewed building lines.


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