Perspective Match

Perspective Match

Photoshop CS3 Tutorial


How to Add Objects with the Correct Perspective in Photoshop



Matching the perspective as you add objects and textures to a Photoshop document has been simplified with the Vanishing Point filter.


Step One

Open a building image in Photoshop (File > Open...).

Step Two

Add a new blank layer above the image layer by clicking the Create New Layer icon. Name the layer, perspective.

Step Three

Click the Text tool and add some text that will be placed on one of the building faces. Adjust the font, color and size as necessary.

Step Four

Rasterize the text layer contents by selecting the layer and choosing Layer > Rasterize > Type.

Step Five

Select the text layer by clicking the layer thumbnail and choosing Select > All (Cmd/a (PC-Ctrl/a)). Copy the selection by choosing Edit > Copy (Cmd/c (PC-Ctrl/c). Hide the Text layer by clicking the layer eye icon.

Step Six

Select the empty perspective layer and choose Filter > Vanishing Point.

Step Seven

Use the Create Plane tool (c key) to click four corners of the area where the text will be placed. With the plane still selected choose Cmd/ v (PC-Ctrl/ v) to paste the text.

Step Eight

Move the curser over the text and drag it to the plane. Resize if necessary using the Transform tool (t key). Press OK to accept. The perspective text is on the perspective layer.