Posterizing With Cutout Filter

Posterizing With Cutout Filter

Photoshop CS3 Tutorial


How to Posterize an Image with the Photoshop Cutout Filter



Posterizing takes a continuous tone photograph and converts it to a simplified version with limited shapes and colors.


Step One

Open an image by choosing File > Open.

Step Two

From the Filter menu, choose Artistic > Cutout.

Step Three

By clicking the eye ball you can turn the preview on or off. Make sure the preview is on.

Step Four

Adjust the sliders to enhance your image and press OK.

More Filter Options

When using filters in Photoshop, you may notice that some of the filters are grayed out. Change your image to RGB mode, 8 or 16 bits per channel to improve your filter options (Image > Mode > RGB Color then Image > Mode > 8 Bits/Channel or 16 Bits/Channel).


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