Rotating in RAW

Rotating in RAW

Photoshop CS3 Tutorial


How to Rotate an Image Using Camera RAW



Taking pictures with a level horizon or with vertical building lines can be challenging. By shooting in RAW format and importing into Photoshop, you can easily fix any camera rotation.


Step One

Open a RAW image in Photoshop (File > Open) that needs a rotation correction.

Step Two

Click the Straighten tool (a key). Click and drag a line in the image that should be horizontal. The image rotates and corrects itself.

Step Three

The Straighten tool also works when you click and drag a vertical line in the image.

Step Four

Notice that the image is slightly cropped as it rotates. As the image rotates, the final size is adjusted as indicated by the readout at the bottom of the window.

Removing Adjustment

The straighten adjustment can be removed by selecting Clear Crop from the Crop tool menu.


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