Web Gallery

Web Gallery

Photoshop CS3 Tutorial


How to Create a Web Gallery in Photoshop



The Web Gallery allows you to quickly share images with your clients and friends. It essentially builds a mini website from a folder of images.

The images are resized, converted to jpg and connected with navigation.


Step One

Place your web images in a folder on your hard drive.

Step Two

In Photoshop choose File > Automate > Web Photo Gallery...

Step Three

Enter your email so people can contact you about the images.

Step Four

Click the Destination button to set the destination folder. This will be the folder that contains your new Web Gallery.

Step Five

In the Source Images section, click the Choose button and select your images folder.

Step Six

The Styles pull-down menu provides several site layout choices. A thumbnail image displays to give you a sample page of each layout.

Step Seven

Choose Banner in the options section to set the Site Name, Contact Info and Date.

Step Eight

The Options: Large Images and Options: Thumbnails allow you to set the image size for your site. Click OK to create your website. Your new site is complete and located in the destination folder.

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