Photoshop CS6 Topics

Photoshop CS6 Tutorials

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Custom Images

054 Combining Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

055 Converting to Black and White With Black and White Adj Layer

056 Converting to Black and White With Gradient Map

057 Creating a Glass Button

058 HDR Images

059 Panoramic Images

060 Posterizing With Adj Layers

061 Posterizing With Cutout Filter

062 Posterizing With Index Color

063 Removing Perspective from Texture Image

064 Textures That Tile



065 Add Lighting Effects

066 Adding Noise to an Object

067 Contour Image With Displace Filter

068 Creating a Smart Filter

069 Field Blur

070 Gaussian Blurring an Object

071 Iris Blur

072 Oil Paint

073 Tilt Shift Blur

074 Using the Filter Gallery


Image Adjustments

075 Adding Detail to a Light Image

076 Adding Relief Texture

077 Color Correction Basics

078 Content Aware Fill

079 Content Aware Move

080 Content Aware Scale

081 Cropping an Image

082 Curves Basics

083 Distorting an Image

084 Distorting an Image With Free Transform

085 Histogram Basics

086 History Palette

087 Lens Correcting an Image

088 Perspective Match

089 Puppet Warp

090 Resizing an Image

091 Revert Image

092 Setting Image Black and White Points



093 Add Layer Clipping Mask

094 Adding Layer Groups

095 Adjustment Layers

096 Creating a Layer Comp

097 Flip Layer Contents Vertical or Horizontal

098 Image Stacking to Reduce Noise

099 Image Stacking to Remove Content

100 Layer Basics

101 Masking With a Layer Mask

102 Masking With a Vector Mask

103 Merge Layers and Flatten Image

104 Open Multiple Images as a Stack

105 Rotating a Layer

106 Selective Layer Adjustments


Layer Styles

107 Color Overlay

108 Emboss

109 Gradient Overlay

110 Inner Glow

111 Outer Glow

112 Pattern Overlay

113 Rasterize Layer With Layer Style

114 Satin

115 Shadows

116 Stroke


117 Hand Painting a Photograph

118 Hand Painting Photo With Mixer Brush

119 Painting Light With Overlay Layer

120 Painting While Preserving Transparency

121 Painting With Guides

122 Painting With the History Brush

123 Stroke Selection With a Line



124 Path Basics

125 Pen Tool Basics

126 Saving a Selection as a Path

127 Stroking a Path With a Brush



128 Color Replacement Tool

129 Removing Face Wrinkles

130 Removing Red Eye

131 Repairing With the Clone Tool

132 Repairing With the Healing Brush

133 Repairing With the Patch Tool

134 Reshaping With Liquify

135 Selective Blur

136 Sharpen Image With High Pass Filter

137 Sharpening an Image



138 Adding a Stroke to a Selection

139 Magic Wand and Quick Selections

140 Saving a Selection as a Channel

141 Saving a Selection as a Layer Mask

142 Saving a Selection as a Path

143 Saving a Selection as a Separate Layer

144 Selecting Image Luminosity

145 Selecting Non-Transparent Pixels

146 Selecting With Lasso Tools

147 Selecting With the Pen Tool

148 Selecting With Rectangle and Ellipse Tools

149 Selection Basics

150 Using Quick Mask



151 Add Multiple Shapes With Uniform Spacing

152 Aligning Shapes

153 Combining Shapes

154 Creating and Saving a Custom Shape

155 Drawing a Shape

156 Rasterizing a Shape Layer

157 Shape Colors



158 Adding Text

159 Distressing Text

160 Placing Text on an Irregular Surface

161 Using Paragraph and Character Styles


Web Graphics

162 Creating a GIF Animation

163 Saving a GIF Animation

164 Saving an Image for the Web

165 Web Colors



166 Full Screen Mode

167 Navigating in the Workspace

168 Rotating the View

169 Show Document Info

170 Skipping the Dialog Boxes

171 Snapping to Guides and Grid

172 Using Document Grids

173 Using Document Guides

174 Using Document Rulers

175 Using the Info Palette