Action Palette Basics

Action Palette Basics

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Use the Photoshop Actions Panel



The actions palette is useful in automating tasks that you perform multiple times. For instance, you may have a batch of images you wish to scale and convert to black and white.

To create an action, you turn on the action's record function and perform the steps on image one. That action would then be applied to the remaining images in the batch


Step One

Open an image and choose New Action... from the Actions palette pull down menu.

Step Two

Name the action in the dialog box and press the Record button.

Step Three

Choose Image > Adjustments > Black and White, then press OK.

Step Four

Choose Image > Image Size and set the size to 50 percent for Width and Height. Press OK.

Step Five

Press the Stop Recording button on the Actions palette.

Step Six

Your new action is now listed in the Actions palette.

Step Seven

Open a new image, select the new action you just created and press the Play button.

Finding More Actions

Photoshop includes several actions with the program. There are also multiple websites that offer actions that can be downloaded for Photoshop.


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