Adding Layer Groups

Adding Layer Groups

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Add Layer Groups in Photoshop



Organization is critical as your Photoshop document expands as you add layer after layer. Layer Groups are a great way to simplify an otherwise jumbled mess.

Layer Groups are also helpful when adding a Layer Mask or Adjustment Layer to multiple layers. For more information on Layer Masks and Adjustment Layers, see topics, Masking With a Layer Mask and Adjustment Layers.

Once you have your layers tucked neatly inside a Layer Group, you can quickly turn the visibility on and off for all the layers at once.


Step One

Open a new 1,024 pixel x 1,024 pixel document with a white background in Photoshop (File > New).

Step Two

Click the Custom Shape tool, set the options to Shape layer, then select a custom shape from the Options bar.

Step Three

Click-drag while pressing the Shift key to add a shape to the workspace.

Step Four

Add two more shapes to your document. At this point you should have a Background layer and three Shape layers.

Step Five

To select the shape layers, click the top layer, then Shift-select the bottom shape layer. You can also click the top layer, then Cmd-click (PC - Ctrl-click) the other shape layers one at a time until all three shape layers are selected.

Step Six

To create a group and add your layers, choose New Group from Layers from the Layers panel pull-down menu. When the dialog box appears, name your group.

Step Seven

Click the group triangle to view it's contents. To toggle the visibility for all of the group's layers, click the visibility icon.

Step Eight

To remove the layers from the group, select the group, then right-click next to the group name and choose Ungroup Layers. You can also ungroup the layers by choosing Layer > Ungroup Layers (Cmd/Shift/g (PC - Ctrl/Shift/g)).

Don't Like Those Dialog Boxes?

In Step Six, the selected menu item caused the dialog box to open. To avoid the dialog box and add your group with a default name, press and hold the Option key (PC - Alt key) as you choose the menu item.

You can always name your Layer Group in the Layers panel by double-clicking the Layer Group name.


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