Adding Noise to an Object

Adding Noise to an Object

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Add Texture Noise to an Image in Photoshop



Some level of noise appears in most imagery. If you are editing an image or adding elements it is important that you match the existing noise.


Step One

Open an image in Photoshop (File > Open).

Step Two

Using one of the Shape tools, add a shape that you want to composite into the image. Adjust the color and saturation to blend with the image.

Step Three

Right-click the shape layer and choose Rasterize Layer.

Step Four

Right-click next to the shape layer name and choose Convert to Smart Object. This will allow you to change the noise settings multiple times.

Step Five

With the shape layer active, choose Filter > Noise > Add Noise. Adjust the noise setting to match the existing image noise. You may need to zoom in on your image to determine the correct noise setting. If necessary, add a slight motion blur to the noise (Filter > Blur > Motion Blur).

Step Six

To make the object blend into the scene try adding a Drop Shadow and an Emboss layer style (Layer > Layer Style > Drop Shadow).

Step Seven

You can access any of the filter or layer style settings by double-clicking the filter or style name in the Layers panel.

Blending with Existing Images

Every image has some level of noise. Noise is one of the small details. If you can match the lighting, noise, perspective, sharpness and reflections, it is possible to create incredible imagery.


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