Adding Text

Adding Text

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Add Text in Photoshop



When you select the Text tool and click the workspace, a new layer is added. The text options in the title bar area allow you can select the font, color, size alignment, etc.


Step One

With a new blank document open select the Text tool and click in the workspace.

Step Two

In the title bar area, select a Font, Font Style and Size. To select a size larger than the list, input the new size.

Step Three

The text can be set to Left, Center or Right Alignment.

Step Four

To change the color, click the Set Text Color rectangle.

Step Five

Click the Toggle Paragraph and Character Palettes icon to display the palettes.

Step Six

Start typing to enter your text. Click any other tool in the toolbox to accept the new layer.

Step Seven

To edit you new Text layer, double-click the Text layer thumbnail.

Step Eight

Edit the layer and click another tool in the toolbox to accept the changes.

Rasterizing a Text Layer

Text layers require a machine font to display. To rasterize a text layer for use on another machine without the font, select the layer and choose Layer > Rasterize > Type.

Text on a Line

In Photoshop, you can also draw a path, then place text on the path. For information on creating text on a line, see topic Path Basics.

Starting With a Text Box

Another option in Step One is to drag a text box instead of clicking in the workspace. The box defines the text area height and width.