Contact Sheet

Contact Sheet

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Create a Contact Sheet in Photoshop



Proof sheets are handy if you are working with a client that wants to view the proofs from a photo shoot.

In this example we'll create a PDF contact sheet using the Bridge application that ships with Photoshop.

You might also consider using a Web Gallery for sharing images with clients as you work through the proofing process. See topic, Web Gallery for more info.


Step One

Place all your images for your contact sheet(s) in a single folder on you hard drive.

Step Two

In Photoshop choose File >Browse in Bridge to open the Bridge application.

Step Three

To see the contact sheet options, open the Output section by choosing Window > Workspace > Output.

Step Four

Navigate to your Contact Sheet folder to view your images.

Step Five

Select one of the images, then choose Edit > Select All (Cmd/a (PC - Ctrl/a) to view all the images in the Preview window.

Step Six

Click the PDF button and choose 4*5 Contact Sheet from the Template menu.

Step Seven

Open the Document section and select U.S. Paper from the Page Preset menu.

Step Eight

In the Layout section set the Columns and Rows values to three.

Step Nine

Open the Overlays section and make sure that Filename is selected. Deselect Extension. This places an image filename by each image for easy identification and communication with your client.

Step Ten

To update the Preview with your changes, press the Refresh Preview button.

Step Eleven

If you plan on using this layout in the future, click the Save Template icon and name your template, 3*3 Contact Sheet.

Step Twelve

Click the Save button to create your Contact Sheet.

Resolution Options

In the Document section you have an option to vary the output resolution. Lowering the resolution to 150 or 72, makes for a smaller email attachment.


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