Content Aware Move

Content Aware Move

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Use Content Aware Move in Photoshop



Have you ever had an image where you moved an object to a new location only to be left with a big hole that needs to be retouched? The Content Aware Move tool might be your answer.

To use Content Aware Move, you first need to select the tool and make a selection. Now drag the object and it is placed in a new position with the old location automatically retouched.

Keep in mind that the repair may not be perfect, but you can generally make a few minor fixes and your image looks great.


Step One

Open an image with an object that needs moving in Photoshop (File > Open).

Step Two

Select the Content Aware Move tool (j key) and draw a loose marquee around the object. If the object includes a shadow, be sure to include the shadow.

Step Three

Click-drag the object to a new location. The object is moved and it's original location is filled in based on the surrounding imagery.

Stepping Through the Tools

In Step Two, the shortcut key for the Content Aware Move tool was listed as j. However if the last time the tool was used, it was the Patch tool, the j key will take you back to the Patch tool.

To toggle through the tools in a tool set, press and hold the Shift key while repeatedly pressing the shortcut, in this case the j key.


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