Content Aware Scale

Content Aware Scale

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Use Content Aware Scale in Photoshop



Whenever you scale an image, all of the objects within the image scale accordingly. With the Content Aware Scale feature, you can scale the entire image and the key elements don't scale, just the space between them.


Step One

Open a new 1,024 pixel by 1,024 pixel document in Photoshop.

Step Two

Using the Shape tools (u key) add three shapes to the document. Make sure that Shape is selected in the tool option bar.

Step Three

Flatten the image by choosing Flatten Image from the Layer pull-down menu.

Step Four

Select the entire document by choosing Select > All (Cmd/a (PC - Ctrl/a).

Step Five

Choose Edit > Content Aware Scale and click-drag the sides to narrow the document. The objects hold their shape as the non-object area is compressed. Once you are satisfied, press Enter to accept the scaled image.

Step Six

The Content Aware Scale feature is helpful if you have an image to resize in one direction, yet don't want to distort the content.

Not For All Images

This is one of those interesting features that works very well with a limited number of images. The more you use Content Aware Scale, you will become familiar with it's strengths and weaknesses.