Converting to Black and White With Gradient Map

Converting to Black and White With Gradient Map

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Convert an Image to Black and White with a Gradient Map Adjustment Layer in Photoshop



In Photoshop you can convert an image to black and white using several methods. In this topic you'll learn how to convert your image with a Gradient Map Adjustment Layer.

For information on other ways to convert your image to black and white, see topics, Converting to Black &White With Black & White Adj Layer and Converting to Black & White in RAW.


Step One

Open an image in Photoshop (File > Open).

Step Two

Open the Layers panel (Window > Layers (F7)) and click the Create New Fill or Adjustment Layer icon. Choose Gradient Map from the pull-down menu.

Step Three

In the Properties panel (Window > Properties), notice that the image was re-colored based on the current selected gradient.

Step Four

By clicking the gradient, you can choose another gradient from the dialog box.

Step Five

Another option is to open the panel's pull-down menu and choose one of the presets such as Photographic Toning.

Step Six

The Photographic Toning gradients offer several artistic choices. Click one of the swatches to color the image.

More Gradient Options

In addition to the Photographic Toning gradients, Photoshop includes several other gradient libraries. You can also build your own custom gradient. For more information, see topic, Building a Gradient.