Creating a Layer Comp

Creating a Layer Comp

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Create a Layer Comp in Photoshop



Layer Comps can simplify the presentation process of your Photoshop layered file. For instance, you may have a five layer document.

You have prepared one version of your layout that uses layers one, two and three. A second layout uses layers one, four and five.

With layer comps you can quickly switch between the two versions without turning the layer visibility icons on and off.


Step One

Open a new 1,024 pixel x 1,024 pixel document with a white background in Photoshop (File > New).

Step Two

Click the Custom Shape tool, set the options to Shape layer, then select a custom shape from the Options bar.

Step Three

Click-drag while pressing the Shift key to add a shape to the workspace.

Step Four

With the top layer selected, click the Text tool (t key) and add some text to the document. Turn the visibility off for the both the shape and text layers.

Step Five

Create a new layout by adding another shape layer and a new text layer. At this point you should have an Idea layout, a Puzzled layout and five layers.

Step Six

With the visibility on for layers five (Background), one and two, choose Window > Layer Comps.

Step Seven

Click the Create New Layer Comp icon at the bottom of the panel and name your comp.

Step Eight

Return to the Layers panel and turn off the visibility for layers one and two. Turn on the visibility for layers five (Background), three and four. This is your second layout.

Step Nine

Click the Create New Layer Comp icon at the bottom the the Layer Comps window, then name your second comp.

Step Ten

To quickly switch between the two layer comps, click the icon to the left of each layer comp name.

Think About the Layers

In this example, we only had seven layers. Can you imagine how handy Layer Comps would be if you had multiple variations of a hundred layer document?