Distorting an Image

Distorting an Image

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Distort an Image in Photoshop



Often times with architectural images you want the vertical lines of the building to be vertical. By distorting the image, you can quickly pull a wall back into place.

Another great way to fix this problem is the Lens Correction filter. For more info, see topic Lens Correcting an Image.


Step One

Open an architectural image in Photoshop (File > Open...).

Step Two

Drag from the rulers to the workspace to add a few vertical guides. If the rulers are not visible, choose View > Rulers.

Step Three

Select the entire image, Select > All (Cmd/a (PC-Ctrl/a)).

Step Four

Choose Edit > Transform > Distort and move the corner points to distort the image and align the vertical objects with the guides.

Step Five

To keep the points from snapping to the corners, press and hold the Ctrl key while moving the corner.

Step Six

Press Enter to apply the changes.

Distorting with the Free Transform Tool

Another handy way to distort an image is with the Free Transform tool. Make a selection and choose Edit > Free Transform (Cmd/t (PC - Ctrl/t)). Press and hold the Cmd key (PC - Ctrl key) to drag each of the corners independently.


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