Distressing Text

Distressing Text

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Distress Text in Photoshop



Have you ever wanted to quickly create distressed text? This method utilizes the Displace filter along with an inspiration image to make it happen.


Step One

Download the demo file by clicking the Download Image button below.

Download Image


Step Two

Open the image in Photoshop and covert it to a black and white image by choosing Image > Adjustments > Black and White. Adjust the settings as necessary to create a usable grayscale image.

Step Three

Choose File > Save As to save your grayscale image. Choose Photoshop for Format type.

Step Four

Open a new 1,024 pixel by 1,024 pixel Photoshop document and add some text with the Text tool.

Step Five

Right-click the Text Layer and choose Rasterize Type.

Step Six

With the text layer active, choose Filter > Distort > Displace. Set the Horizontal Scale and Vertical Scale to 8 and select Stretch to Fit and Repeat Edge Pixels.

Step Seven

Click OK, then navigate to your grayscale image and choose Open. The text is reshaped by the grayscale image.

Smaller Increments

You can also try inputting smaller scale values in Step Six and applying the filter multiple times.


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