DNG Format

DNG Format

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Convert a RAW Image to DNG Format in Photoshop



Every camera manufacturer has their own proprietary RAW format. Many photographers prefer to convert the RAW files to the DNG format early in the game to guarantee that their RAW files will open for several years and with all their image editing software.


Step One

In Photoshop choose File > Open... and navigate to your RAW images.

Step Two

Click the Open button and the RAW dialog box appears.

Step Three

Click the Select All button above the preview images.

Step Four

Click the Save Images button in the lower left corner.

Step Five

For format select Digital Negative. Set the file extension to .dng.

Step Six

Choose a destination location and change the File Naming section if necessary.

Step Seven

Click Save and your images are converted to DNG. The original RAW files remain unchanged.

DNG and Sidecar Files

The DNG files don't use the sidecar file like the standard RAW files. Any RAW adjustments become self-contained in the single DNG file.