Erodible Tip Brushes

Erodible Tip Brushes

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Work with Photoshop Erodible Tip Brushes



Erodible Tip Brushes are used to simulate pencils and pastels. The brush tip rounds and dulls the more you use it. To sharpen the tip, you simply click the Sharpen Tip button in the Brush palette options.

These brushes work well with textures. For more information, see topic, Brush Texture.


Step One

Open a new 1,024 pixel x 1,024 pixel document with a white background in Photoshop (File > New).

Step Two

Click the Create a New Layer icon to add a new blank layer. You can experiment with your Erodible Tip Brushes on this layer.

Step Three

Select the Mixer Brush tool and open the Brush palette by clicking the Brush palette icon or choosing Window > Brushes.

Step Four

Also open the Tool Presets panel by choosing Window > Tool Presets.

Step Five

From the Tool Presets panel pull-down menu, select Pencils Mixer Brush. Click the Pencil - Hard Opaque brush and draw a line in the workspace.

Step Six

Once you select the brush, a preview image of your brush appears in the upper left corner of the document. If you don't see the preview, click the Toggle the Live Tip Brush Preview icon at the bottom of the Brush panel.

Step Seven

Select the Brush Tip Shape option in the Brush panel.

Step Eight

To make the brush tip erode faster, increase the Softness slider. Watch the preview and notice how the tip becomes worn as you draw with a soft tip brush. Reset the brush softness back to zero once you are finished.

Step Nine

To sharpen the tip, click the Sharpen Tip button.

Step Ten

Notice how this brush has Shape Dynamics, Texture and Transfer attributes enabled. They became active when the brush was selected in the Tool Presets.

Step Eleven

Click the word Texture to view the Texture panel.

Step Twelve

The Depth slider controls the texture to paint ratio. Lower settings favor the texture and higher settings lay down more color.

Step Thirteen

To maintain the same texture settings for multiple brushes, click the Texture Lock icon.

Saving Your New Brush

By starting with a preset Erodible Tip Brush, you can modify the settings, then choose New Brush Preset from the Brush palette pull-down menu. You can also save your brush by clicking the Create New Brush icon in the bottom of the Brushes panel.

Brushes Work With Many Tools

In addition to the Brush tool, the Erodible Tip Brushes also work with the Art History Brush, Blur, Burn, Clone Stamp, Dodge, Eraser, History Brush, Mixer Brush, Pattern Stamp tool, Pencil, Sharpen, Smudge and Sponge.

A limited round brush version is available with the Healing Brush tool and Spot Healing tool.


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