Full Screen Mode

Full Screen Mode

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Use Full Screen Mode in Photoshop



There are times when you need to display your work to a client or colleague. To simplify your presentation, Photoshop includes a Full Screen Mode option.

In this example we'll open several images, then view them in Full Screen Mode.


Step One

Open multiple images in Photoshop by choosing File > Open.

Step Two

The default view is Standard Screen Mode. Click and hold the Screen Mode icon and choose Full Screen Mode With Menu Bar.

Step Three

Press and hold the Screen Mode icon again and choose Full Screen Mode. Everything disappears except the image. If the Rulers are still showing, press Cmd/r (PC - Ctrl/r).

Step Four

To quickly cycle through the screen modes, repeatedly press the f key.

Step Five

To zoom in or out in the Full Screen Mode, press Cmd/+ (PC - Ctrl/+) or Cmd/- (PC - Ctrl/-). Press and hold the spacebar to click-drag-pan your image.

Step Six

You can cycle through the images by pressing Ctrl/Tab.

Adjust Images to Fit to Window

To make your images fix the computer screen, press Cmd/0 (zero) (PC - Ctrl/0).


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