Gradient Overlay

Gradient Overlay

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Apply a Gradient Overlay Layer Style in Photoshop



Gradient Overlay is similar to Color Overlay in that the objects on the selected layer change color. With the Gradient Overlay, you can now color the objects with a gradient. Gradient Overlay is one of many Layer Styles found in Photoshop.


Step One

Open a new document in Photoshop (File > New). Set the size to 500 pixels by 500 pixels at 72 ppi. Set Background Contents to White.

Step Two

Select the Text tool, click the workspace and add some text. Set the Text Color to a shade of green.

Step Three

Select the Text layer in the Layers palette and choose Layer > Layer Style > Gradient Overlay.

Step Four

Notice that the Gradient Overlay heading is Bold and has a checkbox. Selecting a heading name, changes the effect dialog box on the right.

Step Five

To set the gradient color, click the Gradient Rectangle.

Step Six

You can choose one of the gradients in the panel or load a new library.

Step Seven

The Blend Mode options are similar to the layer Blending Modes in Photoshop.

Step Eight

The gradient Style, Angle and Scale can be set in the dialog box.

Step Nine

With the dialog box open move your curser to the document, then click-drag to move the gradient.

Step Ten

To blend the gradient with the base color, adjust the Opacity slider. Once you are satisfied, click OK.

Step Eleven

You can return to the settings by double-clicking Gradient Overlay in the Layers panel.

Gradient Presets

Photoshop includes several Gradient Libraries (as show in Step Six) or you can create your own gradient. For more information, see topic, Building a Gradient.

Copy/Paste Layer Styles

To duplicate a layer style, select the source style layer, choose Layer > Layer Style > Copy. Select the target layer and choose Layer > Layer Style > Paste. career skills