Image Stacking to Remove Content

Image Stacking to Remove Content

Photoshop CS6 Tutorial


How to Remove Content with Image Stacking in Photoshop



Have you ever wanted to take a picture of a building or location and make all the moving people and cars disappear? With this technique you can quickly solve your problem.

For best results, use a tripod and timer mode when capturing your images to prevent any camera shake. Once you have captured a stack of images, Photoshop determines the moving sections of the image and replaces the areas with the original background.


Step One

With your camera set to timer mode and on a tripod, take a series of four images of your scene.

Step Two

Open Photoshop and choose File > Scripts > Load Files into Stack.

Step Three

In the dialog box, click the Browse button to find your four images. Click Attempt to Automatically Align Source Images and Create Smart Object after Loading Layers.

Step Four

The images are added as a single smart object layer. Select the smart object layer, then press Cmd/j (PC - Ctrl/j) to duplicate the smart object layer.

Step Five

With the upper smart object layer selected, choose Layer > Smart Objects > Stack Mode > Median.

Step Six

Click the visibility icon on and off for the top layer. Notice how the moving objects have been removed.

Possible Applications?

This technique can turn a busy freeway into an empty stretch of roadway, Empty out a lobby or clear the sidewalk in when capturing an architectural shoot.


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